31 oct 2011

Baccara - Parlez-vous francais? Original short version

Siempre se ha dicho que la letra de esta canción no era totalmente correcta. Para un francés suena un tanto raro, así que cuando fueron a sacarla en el país al que iban a representar, Luxemburgo, cortaron la parte hablada y quedó así...
It seems that french people were not so happy with the french lyrics of this song, so they decided to make a shorter version for the french countries. This short version was release in Luxembourg.

23 oct 2011

16 oct 2011

15 oct 2011

13 oct 2011

Die Frau, die bleibt Ireen Sheer Rolf Soja production - Instrumental version Calgary by Horea Crishan

From now on i will try to upload twice the video, one from youtube and one fron the blogger uploader, only in case youtube not allow german or other nationalities viwers see the video. If somebody is watching a video and cannot see it due to copyright, please let me know.

Max Greger Yes Sir I Can Booguie - L´oiseau et L´enfant - Orzowei

1 oct 2011

Candy Race Yes Sir I Can Boogie Baccara Cover

A really hot cover of the multimillion seller Yes Sir I Can Boogie.... I hope you like it.