25 oct 2010


Hace unos días contacté con Cheryl Hardy y le pregunté acerca del disco que hizo con Rolf Soja y esta fue su respuesta: 
A few days ago i contacted with Cheryl Hardy and i ask her about those days in her youth working for Rolf Soja. And this was her mail back:

Hi, Victor!
I am that Cheryl Hardy, but I have not seen Rolf since I recorded those songs!  I am still singing regularly, but I am performing rock, pop, and country music with a couple of bands.  I also sing backup for a Bee Gees Tribute called "Stayin' Alive". 
It was nice to hear from you and I'm glad you like those songs.  I was very young, still in high school, actually when I recorded them in my hometown of Bracebridge, Ontario Canada.  That was 2 children and a marriage ago........time flies!
Anyways, thanks for contacting me.  You brought back memories.  Thanks!

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