5 abr 2010


A lo largo de su carrera Mayte ha estado muchas veces en Logroño, la tierra que la vio nacer, para presentar sus canciones ya fuese en forma de video musical o como hoy, a través de una entrevista.
Voy a traducir la entrevista al inglés para que llegue a más seguidores.
Interviewer: Mayte is here today to talk about her new record Roses And Wine. In how many countries the record will be release?
Mayte: First of all will be release in Germany cause the contract is signed there and then Autria nad the Benelux.
Interviewer: Mayte why are you here in Logroño today for private or public reasons?
Mayte: Every now and then i come to Spain, and now i´ve been working so hard with this new record, with the recording, mixing etc and now i just came to have a few relaxing days with my family and time enough to buy some clothing as well.
Interviewer: Mayte right now you are with your solo career but i know that you still have a contract with Baccara.
Mayte: My contract with Baccara it will last until december but the promos or tv presentations i will do it as a solo, with no companion.
Interviewer:Now you are living in Hamburg, is ther any difference between Hamburg and Spain?
Mayte: A lot of difference. Hamburg is quite cold, is really windy and humide but in the other hand i have recordings studios, producers etc.

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