28 sept 2010


Hola from Spain,
First of all let me introduce myself.
i am a big follower of Baccara and Rolf Soja production. I already have your two cds that you made with Rolf and i am working in my blog with Soja productions and Baccara.
Soon i want to make a special Stephanie Sheri day and i will like to ask you how was working with Rolf, if you make any tv, where was sold your production (apart from Germany) and those memories you want to share with us i will be very please to receive from you.
Thanks in advance, i hope you life stay beautiful .
God blessed you


hello victor and thanks for getting in touch

Regards your questions- many of them in regards to the release of the
CDs would be best answered by Rolf himself. As for my part in it, it
was an exciting time in my life- I especially loved going to Germany
and shooting the video for 'Hold On'. Fond memories of those days so
long ago!

I still live in Canada and am currently pursuing an acting career.

Good luck with the project

Stephanie Sheri

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